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Restorative Equity Partnership

Our expertise in elevating individual and systems thinking and capacity through partnerships that bridge the gap between theory and practice allows us to work in true partnership with all stakeholders to dismantle systems of oppression, suffering and exclusion, rebuilding in their place systems, structures, and practices that nurture belonging, healing, freedom, and equity.

Our team is composed of highly-skilled educators and professionals with extensive experience in working to actualize equity in a variety of educational settings. Our diverse team of former and current teachers, administrators, educational/school psychologists, attorneys, college professors, youth leaders, and restorative practitioners bring unique life experiences and perspectives to the table. We specialize in using human-centered approaches to address systemic inequities and support schools and districts in implementing them. Our core values of anti-racism, equity, transparency, communication, and collaboration guide all of our actions as we work to serve our partners and create a more just and equitable society.

Individually and collectively, the REP team believes the transformative change our world needs in order to actualize more equitable and just communities will largely be influenced and cultivated by today’s youth. We see our job as adults to embolden their dreams, catalyze their actions, and support their leadership development as they create restorative communities of care. 

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Core Values:
Anti-racism | Equity | Transparency | Communication | Collaboration
These values guide our actions as we engage in our practice and serve our partners.

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Core Values



We take action for racial and social justice and work in allyship to find solutions that eradicate
suffering and improve experiences and outcomes


Rooted in the belief that the core of our work as educators is equity, we practice radical,
critically conscious service to dismantle systems of oppression and cultivate humanizing spaces


Our actions reflect a culture of accountability and commitment to our core values.


We believe honest, vulnerable, and respectful communication serves as a catalyst for
transformative change.


We harness the power of collective voice to build community, identify and address needs, and
drive equity work throughout the entire system

REP Leadership Team

Micki Singer, JD

Chief Executive Officer

Micki is an innovative leader with 30+ years of experience as a consultant, educator, attorney, trainer, and speaker. She boldly supports others in dismantling systemic barriers, building restorative communities, and elevating student voice in decision making. She has extensive experience in the following areas and related activities: equity leadership, restorative and social justice, systems change, and professional learning. Micki is the founder of the Restorative Equity Student Center™, which amplifies student voice and creates belonging by leveraging the strengths of every member of the school community. Micki is passionate about utilizing a restorative approach to engender the healing, learning, and growth necessary to drive transformational change in pursuit of systemic equity. She has proven success in providing responsive and dynamic professional learning and consulting services that promote depth of knowledge, intentionality, reflection, and action. In her spare time, Micki is an avid cyclist often seen on the road with her chiweenie, The Biscuit, on her back.

Kandace Forrester, PhD

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Kandace Forrester is dynamic and accomplished leader with a wealth of experience in youth mentoring and education. With over 15 years in the field, Kandace has worn many hats including youth mentor, tutor, licensed educational psychologist, consultant, trainer, speaker,homeschool teacher, and curriculum developer. As a school psychologist, she has supported students dealing with a wide range of challenges, from trauma and depression to developmental and behavioral disorders. As the Director of Student Services for a CharterSchool Organization she created and implemented innovative programs and practices to improve student attendance and support the diverse needs of unhoused students and youth in the foster care system. Kandace has also served as a CDE-approved Technical Assistance facilitator, using her skills as both a researcher and practitioner, to work with districts to address issues of significant disproportionality related to school discipline and special education.

Kandace’s expertise lies in the areas of restorative justice, psychosocial and cognitive development, social emotional learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and culturally responsive pedagogy, which are at the core of her curriculum development work. When Kandace isn’t working, she can be found indulging in her love for food and travel, exploring new cultures with her husband and two children.

Liz Toruno

Director of Inspiration and Consulting

Liz has been an educator for over 22 years, successfully supporting the implementation and sustainability of MTSS, Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Practices, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in educational settings across the United States. Liz has been a featured presenter for national and state conferences. She recently served on the SEL committee for the California State Department of Education. Liz was a Keynote Speaker for the Texas Mental Health Conference to help parents heal after the devastating trauma from a racial attack-shooting at a local Wal-Mart. Liz serves as a leader in SEL implementation with the Torlakson Institute led by Tom Torlakson (California State Superintendent of Public Education until 2019). Liz is passionate about cultivating a positive school climate through supporting the mental health needs of students in efforts to create “better humans” and build a world class education. Liz has experience with restructuring emotionally at risk programs and facilitating restorative justice practices with students and adults. She has designed programs, webinars, training modules and virtual learning platforms to infuse mindfulness, parent engagement, SEL and restorative approaches. Most recently, Liz created an online parenting module on restorative practices and is the lead developer on “Bite size pieces of Social Emotional Learning”. She holds a Special Education Teaching Credential, a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences, an M.Ed in Special Education and is currently completing the National Institute for School Leadership Program at the University of San Diego.

Pauline Stahl, Ed.D.

Executive Director

Pauline has been an educator for over 30 years, teaching at both the high school and college level. Pauline’s doctoral dissertation examined the manner in which traditional pedagogy can further disenfranchise historically marginalized students and offered an alternative approach to curriculum design as a means to foster student agency. She created a unique genomics dual enrollment program for which she was honored as Alameda County teacher of the year. Pauline has also served as an English Language Learner Program Coordinator and the Director of the inaugural Restorative Justice Center. Pauline is passionate about the pedagogy of student voice and ensuring that instruction is driven by the student experience. When not teaching, researching, or consulting, Pauline enjoys immersing herself in different cultures as she continues her quest to travel to every continent.

Christina Craig-Chardon

Equity Lead

Christina’s passion in education is centered around student agency. She believes youth have the power to transform their own lives and mold our world. Christina has an M.A. in African-American Studies, and has served as a Special Education instructional aide, a school-wide intervention coordinator, and as a Black Student Union and Muslim Student Association advisor. As an Educational Equity and Family Engagement Coordinator at a comprehensive Junior Senior High School, her transformational work was recognized by the State Assembly for Innovation in Educational Programming. Christina also develops dual enrollment community college programs, offering unique and challenging opportunities for underserved youth. Christina fully embraces the core competency of critical consciousness, providing students the opportunity to observe and question their school and home communities and lead the change they want to see. Christina leads from behind so young people can find their way, and in turn, create new ways for the rest of us. In her spare time, Christina enjoys DIY interior design and family vacations with her daughter and husband.

Cassie Ferguson

Equity Lead

From teaching Intensive English support in a residential program in Southern Indiana, to middle school in Southwestern England and North Carolina, before landing at a comprehensive high school followed by a district office in Northern California, Cassie has had the privilege of creating curriculum and programming that meets the unique needs of individual students in various settings. Completing her Master’s dissertation on the importance of diverse coursework for secondary students, Cassie believes deeply in student-centered innovation and instruction. As an Interventionist for 5 years, Cassie became passionate about Restorative Practices as well as Mental Health First Aid and has earned credentials in and is a licensed trainer of both. For many years, Cassie served as the Director of the Restorative Justice Center, coaching Student Advocates to facilitate proactive classroom circles, utilize restorative dialogue to address discipline matters, and conduct restorative circles to manage tension and conflict on campus. Cassie is passionate about coaching educators in the creation of positive school and classroom culture, as well as providing opportunities for young people to advocate for their needs and goals. Experienced in teaching secondary English, academic intervention, Peer Counseling, and Restorative Justice Practices, Cassie comes to this work with boundless hope and admiration for the people she is so lucky to serve.

David McCrary

Equity Lead

David is a Youth Leadership Specialist with a passion for equity and student agency. He has a gift for recognizing, leveraging, and celebrating differences to create humanizing learning spaces. David strives to create equitable opportunities and access for all stakeholders in the education system. He has 20+ years working with students of color, foster and homeless youth, and supporting families in need. He has extensive experience in the mental health field and is committed to providing transformative mentoring in any community he serves. David’s unique set of skills makes him an invaluable asset to any organization invested in fostering meaningful relationships and restorative communities as vehicles for equitable change. In his spare time, David loves spending time with his son and traveling.

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What Our Clients Say

Derrick Lawson
Derrick LawsonPrincipal Indio High School

Raymond Ramirez
Raymond RamirezTeacher | MTSS Tier I Coordinator

Mark Pfeiffer
Mark PfeifferStudent Services Coordinator CNUSD
The Youth Catalysts Liberatory Leadership series has not only opened students’ minds to concepts such as social justice and equity, but it has also already influenced my own teaching practice. I have taken some activities and concepts modeled by REP trainers to facilitate learning in my own classroom, and I am grateful for the opportunity to also learn about the aforementioned concepts alongside the students.
One example of this transfer is that after we learned about the concept of dual narratives, I taught that concept to my own students in AP English Literature and Composition and asked them to examine the dual narrative of colonialism in Africa as we read Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Students appreciated the opportunity to examine both the book and the issue of colonialism overall through a lens that helped them facilitate their own learning.
Raven Sisco
Raven SiscoTeacher
If you’re looking for dynamic professional development and consultation related to curriculum design, classroom Instruction and the intersection of Culture, Race, Ethnicity, and teaching and learning, reach out to the REP team! Their pedagogical approach to equity has transformed the ways in which we pursue school and ​systems change.”
John Hill
John HillEquity Coordinator

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