Restorative Justice Practices


The goal of Educational Restorative Justice Practices is to engender a Restorative Community of Belonging by cultivating a shared vision of how people should be in relationship with one another, identifying and addressing harms and needs, and creating opportunities for engagement, accountability, and growth. 

REP offers Restorative Justice Practices training and implementation support for educators, students, and families. We focus on ways (1) for everyone to heal (2) to build mutually respectful and trusting relationships that honor and value each person’s humanity; and (3) to transform the narratives, policies, and practices that shape the institution.

Whole School Implementation

We walk with our partners to develop the structures, strategies, and practices to ensure a successful and sustainable whole-school change effort. Components of our Restorative Justice Practices Whole-School Model include:

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Restorative Justice Practices Training

These trainings provide tools and strategies to develop and maintain a Restorative Community, including:   

Restorative Equity Student Advocates

Our Restorative Equity Student Advocates revolutionize the manner in which community building and discipline are achieved on campus. We train students to facilitate proactive classroom circles, utilize restorative dialogue to address discipline matters, and to conduct restorative circles to manage tension and conflict on campus.  This peer mentoring approach exerts a positive and powerful influence on student behavior, provides opportunities for student voice in the decision making process, and encourages students to be accountable and make amends for violating school policy and procedure.  

Family Catalysts

Family Catalysts is a six session series designed to equip parents with the social-emotional and restorative strategies that mirror a Restorative School Community. The customizable sessions include: 

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