Student-Centered Equity Solutions

Youth Catalyst Liberatory Leadership™

Liberatory leadership means owning and using your power to practice radical service by dismantling systems of oppression and cultivating humanizing spaces. Youth Catalyst Liberatory Leaders participate in experiential workshop sessions focused on the core competencies of student agency: identity, freedom, liberatory leadership skills, and critical consciousness anchored in a restorative space. Students will emerge from the workshops prepared to lead within their spheres of peer influence and catalyze change across the school community.

Restorative Justice Practices

REP specializes in supporting schools and districts with systemwide Restorative Justice Practices implementation. Our comprehensive services feature key practices and strategies that
assess specific needs and readiness, support skill development, and foster sustainability and accountability so that real relational and system change takes place.  From foundational concepts to real-life techniques, our consultants have collectively trained thousands of educators, students, and their families in the core competencies of Restorative Justice Practices at the individual, classroom, school, and systems levels. 

Restorative Equity and Social Justice Curriculum

REP offers a variety of solutions to support students in understanding and leading equity within their schools, communities, and spheres of influence. Services include Restorative Equity Student Centers ™, equity and social justice elective courses for middle school students, and youth after-school/ extra curricular curriculum.

Healing and Wellness Practices

The entire education community has been impacted by the pandemic, exacerbating existing conditions of inequity. More than ever, stakeholders need support navigating adversity and centering joy in the learning environments. We offer immersive experiences for students and adults to engage in healing practices as they build their social emotional competencies and reimagine individual and collective wellness in the school community.

Equity Learning Workshops and Action Teams

REP helps schools and districts form, facilitate, and support teams and groups of diverse stakeholders to create actionable change based on best practices.

  • Build capacity, coherence, and fluency
  • Uncover and dismantle underlying patterns, systemic structures, and mindsets
  • Develop new approaches to pedagogy, practice, and transformational change.
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